Marshmello – Quick Facts

What do we know about Marshmello?
(not to be confused with edible marshmallows)

Aside from the obvious facts that he wears a full-head white colored bucket, we’re bringing you 8 interesting facts about Marshmello.

1. The Start of Marshmello

He first emerged in 2015 when he posted his first ever original mix, WaVeZ” on his SoundCloud page; and it has gained support from renowned DJs, including Skrillex who reposted his song “FinD Me” on his own SoundCloud page.

Check out WaVez here and FinD Me here

2. Not friends with Deadmau5? 

He’s got beef with his fellow mask-wearing DJ, Deadmau5. Yikes.

3. Alone is good!

His hit single, ‘Alone’, has received over 570m views on YouTube to date! Lovin’ it!

4. He’s Making it Big

He was recently included in Forbes’ list of top 10 highest-paid DJs, earning $21 million in the 12 months preceding June 2017.

5. Mute-d?

He never talks in his interviews! Don’t believe us? Check out all his interviews online and try proving us wrong by showing us one.

6. So, he is silence-d?

His latest single, ‘Silence’, featuring Khalid was an instant hit – debuting at No. 42 on the Hot 100 and earning the highest-ranking debut of any song on the chart on Tuesday!

7. Marshmello’s Helmet

The actual helmet that Marshmello wears is made with a 3D printer!

8. One question remains….so who is Marshmallow?


Also, Check out our favorite Marshmello live set: