Zushan’s life has always been about music, from taking piano classes since he was a kid, to picking up the organ and the guitar later on in his teen years. When he turned 17, he picked up turntablism and hasn’t looked back since, Winning Phuture DJ Battle in July 2007 and Pioneer Digital DJ Battle Singapore Champion in 2012. Zushan represents the new breed of energetic DJs and has become one of the most exciting and versatile ones of this generation. With his breath-taking skills and music flow, he brings a new kind of ecstatic feeling to the dancefloor across the globe such as Ultra Korea, Vietnam, Australia and Indonesia to name a few.

The key to Zushan’s flair is his versatility. Starting his base as a Hip-Hop DJ and a turntablist, Zushan ventured into other styles of music, from House to Techno, Funk to Disco, Dubstep to Drum & Bass, and many more. Though his main sound preference is UK Bass, he has the ability to blend in and perform like he’s a master of any style of music, even if it’s mainstream. His turntablism background takes his sets to another level with his jaw-dropping trickery, whether on turntables, CDJs or even MIDI Controllers. A gadget freak by nature, his setups sometimes comprises of an absurd amount of MIDI controllers (matching his sneaker collection), with or without them however, his sets are always unique even to the regular eye.