Hailing from Singapore clubscape’s freshest crop of offerings is Lincey, hot off the DJ press as the youngest ever addition to Zouk’s stellar line of residents. A DJ & producer with a profound understanding and passion for music, graduated with a BA(Hons) in music production and started his own music label, 7inear, at the age of 21. Lincey has already shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the dance music world and beyond, including opening for Alesso, Calvin Harris and even One Direction amongst many others.

Bringing a fresh and energetic wave of excitement with him through his technically precise sets that keep his dance floor dwellers on a steady diet of infectious beats. Recognized in Singapore and beyond, Lincey has played at some of the biggest stages all around the world, including ZoukOut, Electric Run Singapore , One Direction: On The Road Again Singapore, Ultra Korea and at Green Valley, Brazil.

These days, his high-energy DJ sets are imbued with technical precision garnished with a healthy dollop of fun, as seen via his signature sets at ZSS and RECESS in our main room and CHARGED at Phuture on Wednesdays. Lincey’s sets may kick off with anything from progressive house, EDM, trap to disco and indie dance hits, keeping dance floor dwellers on a steady diet of infectious beats.