DJ Tennis

DJ Tennis

Despite being brought up in a family with no musical background, DJ Tennis’ creative and artistic attitude have always centered around music – singing, playing and collecting weird and noisy musical instruments at every turn.

Recording bands, organizing parties and DJ’ing at the tennis club where he used to play as a semi-pro player (the Tennis moniker comes from his passion for that sport) all became his way to support the costs of his studies.

During the last 2 decades he started producing music for theatre, movie soundtracks and TV commercials. His production skills always take inspiration from the psychedelic dark and melancholic sounds of the 60s straight thru to early 2000’s IDM.

In 2010, with Thugfucker’s Greg Oreck, co-founded a new techno and pop label called Life and Death. The name of the label has a specific meaning, inspired by the socratic maieutic process to turn subtle and “dead” elements into a new life and referring to the benefit and hypnotic power of music used in the mesmeric processes for brain therapy.

In 2015 Life and Death host their first Ibiza club residency at DC10 over 5 Fridays in July and August.