Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer duo Ali “Dubfire” Shazinia and Sharam Tayebi, known as Deep Dish, built a celebrated legacy based on innovation. While electronic music remained subsumed in nineties rave culture, the pair struck their own delicate balance amidst house and techno with a sly pop sensibility.

Following their breakthrough remix of De’Lacy’s “Hideaway” in 1995, Deep Dish became sought-after remixers, working with everybody from Madonna and Janet Jackson to Cher. Their full-length debut, Junk Science, solidifed them as trend-setters, and they eventually garnered a Grammy Award in the category of “Best Remixed Recording” for their 2002 remix of Dido’s “Thank You”. After nearly 15 years together, Ali and Sharam chose to go their separate ways in 2006, respectively embarking on highly successful solo careers. However, in 2014, Deep Dish re-emerged once again, subsequently blazing a new trail for electronic dance music.

It’s a reunion that fans clamored for since the split and something the two had discussed for the four year preceding.

Deep Dish is excited for millions of listeners worldwide who have been waiting for this moment to see them again and for the younger audiences to catch them for the first time.

“Now is the time. We’re trying to push forward on our own terms. We’re going to get creative and explore different sonic possibilities to give listeners an alternative.” – Ali

“We want everybody to enjoy themselves. We’re pushing ourselves and having an incredible time. We hope they feel the same” – Sharam